A 2 hour session includes channeled messages for you discussing and working with internal energies for healing and release.  In addition to learning and 15 minute practice of the Merkabah Meditation, 

My guides will also provide you an affirmation, which unlocks and activates the subconscious to work for you not against you.  

At the end of each session, we will work with your own guides in the drawing of 3 oracle cards to provide guidance in moving forward until your next scheduled session.  

Past Life & SOUL's Evolution Reading

Personal Mantra & Mudra

Through Nicole's Hindu background, knowledges, studies, and practices, she has the ability to prescribe a personal Mantra & Mudra to work with your personal energy to access and achieve healing.

In a one hour Channeled Session working with Nicole and her Spiritual Team, Guides, Angels, & Ascended Masters, Nicole will prescribe a Mantra for you to chant and a Mudra to use with the Mantra for a specific period of time for you to dissolve, release and heal any energetic vibrations no longer serving you.

Mantras & Mudras are Chants and Hand Positions containing MAGICAL ~ MYSTICAL ~ MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ~ META~PHYSICAL ~ SACRED & HEALING energies that work with your internal energies psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & ethereally providing positive health and well-being. 


Merkabah Meditation

The Merkabah is the vehicle manifested from  the heart and found within the Sacred Geometry of Metatrons Cube.

This meditation is highly recommended and was taught by the great teacher of the Flower of Life Teachings,  Drunvalo Melchizedek.

The Merkabah Mediation has 4 Parts , requiring commitment & determination for activation of your own Merkabah.

Sessions will be taught & practiced in one hour sessions for each individual part of the practice.  Ongoing practice is completed once a week.

Merkabah Meditation Sessions may be purchased 


3 month sessions for 12 weeks of practice -  Parts 1 & 2 

3 month sessions for 12 weeks of practice - Parts  3 & 4

*Part 1 MUST be completed before moving on to Part 2 and will be succeeded one through the other*

Designing & Creating Sacred Spaces & Meditation Room

Are you ready to have your own Sacred Space?

I can design and create a space for you to retreat to for meditation, magic & moon work or a sanctuary for you to find and attain becoming one with INNER PEACE.

Programmed Charged & Activated Crystals & Chakra Sets

I program crystals to work with your energy mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etherically to help you through healing depression, anxiety, health issues, addictions, emotional traumas, fear, lack of courage, confidence, self worth, unforgiveness. 



Do you want to tap into 

Spiritual & Psychic gifts

Connection & Communication with Angels Ascended Masters and/or Light Beings 

Improve your relationships

Gain Clarity

Improve YOU

Results may vary from individual to individual with no guarantees provided by or within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products or services. It is the SOUL responsibility of the individual to achieve or obtain desired results within their own practices - experience - skills & knowledges to receive beneficial results that are meant for them to receive within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services. It is nothing external of you that is blocking successful results; it is what is HAPPENING INTERNALLY that is prohibiting beneficial results.  

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services are for the purpose of assisting you to achieve desired results , to be a guide in moving forward in achieving beneficial experiences.

A consultation with Nicole is suggested to assist you in order to tailor & customize products & services to your needs and/or what is a requirement for your internal environment.

Consultations are 33$ per 30 minutes.