Meditation, Channeling and the World of Energy Alchemy

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers


Mystic Moon & Sunflowers symbolizes being connected to  the spiritual realms & being connected to earth, walking & living in both realms simultaneously.  


Its not my certifications or physical pieces of paper that say I am qualified as this or that... its my EXPERIENCES that are a solid fact of my abilities and skills.  Each experience stacking more TRUTH, more FAITH, more TRUST within my SOUL, my psychic & channeling abilities.  In addition to reading an individuals SOUL energy.

As a certified teacher of meditation, a reiki master, metaphysical healer, teacher & channel - working with energy Is the primary function within all facets of what I do.

Sunflowers are the flowers of the sun, which fortifies humans and permeates us with LIGHT, happiness, and warmth.  Sunflowers also hold the magical properties of being an aid in the development of a healthy SOUL, individuality, & contain a power with failure not being an option.  

Sunflowers are tall, beautiful & turn to face upwards into the sun.


Sickness, illness, & dis-ease are an imbalance of energy within your chakras and your body systems of your physical being.  To bring these back into balance, we must work with the energies in order to heal the aches, pains, sufferings, emotional & mental instability, psychological, and physiology that is out of balance within the body.

This is one of the MAIN reasons I prefer to customize products according to customers needs, so that they may benefit from services & products provided by Mystic Moon & Sunflowers.

Take a look around and please email me if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any services or products offered.



About Nicole



Nicole Anne is a Certified Teacher of Meditation, Energy Healer & Alchemist, Writer, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, SOUL Mentor & Coach. She possesses Spiritual & Psychic abilities to Channel & receive benevolent messages, insight and guidance to guide and assist others along their journey within this lifetime. 

She has studied Yoga, Integrated Energy Healing, Chakra & Crystal Therapy with the gift to prescribe Mantras & Mudras for clients to work with for Self-Healing, to CONNECT and TOUCH the depths of their SOUL.  

Nicole’s first priority is to continue upon her Spiritual Journey, through always working with her own internal energy – to grow and expand within her-Self, in addition to strengthening her connection and communication with her Spiritual Team, guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Nicole’s knowledge and experience through her studies and Spiritual gifts is deep and over abundant, in order to be in alignment with her SOUL Purpose and Mission to TEACH, GUIDE and heal the SOUL’s of humanity to access growth and evolve into higher consciousness. 

Common Themes in Nicole’s work include: Goddesses, Angels, Mantra & Mudras, Meditation, Charging, Programming, Activating crystals to work with an individual’s personal energy and Chakras. 

Nicole also hosts a podcast “Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL” and blogs to Real Revolution Radio X.O. “The Intuitive Blog” with Wordpress. Both can be found under the “Real Revolution Radio” tab at her website

Nicole has been studying for many years and is moving forward in teaching the Merkabah Meditation to guide and assist others in activating their Merkabah, along with holding events in her hometown, Charleston S.C. to chant mantras under the Full Moon on Folly Beach.

Forces of Nature


Forces of Nature is the brand of Alchemy Oils & Herbal Incense Blends created by Nicole using Natural Herbs to be infused within a specific carrier oil.

Natural Herbs hold beneficial properties that are magical, healthy, & healing  on metaphysical spiritual & physical levels benefiting an individuals seven energetic layers that constitutes their entire being.

Natural Herbs do hold magical and healing properties.  However, there are constraints within the utilization of herbs & essential oils for women who are pregnant, and for individuals working through specific sickness/illness/disease.  

Each individual must be mindful of what is god for them or not within their own life situations.

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers does not create or sell any products that are to be taken internally or swallowed.  All products are to be used topically.

Products & Services


All services and products offered by Mystic Moon & Sunflowers have the benefit of being customized to each customer/client, pertaining to their own personal needs.  Therefore, it is best to email Nicole through the contact page here on the website for Nicole to provide top-quality services & products for customizing and creating  specifically for you and to your required needs

All creations are handmade crafted.

Forces of Nature Alchemy Oils are homemade NATURAL dried herbs infused within carrier oils.  Forces of Nature products are made to be worn on the skin, utilized in the bath, or burned to attain the magical and healing properties of the herbs.


Results may vary from individual to individual with no guarantees provided by or within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products or services. It is the SOUL responsibility of the individual to achieve or obtain desired results within their own practices - experience - skills & knowledges to receive beneficial results that are meant for them to receive within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services. It is nothing external of you that is blocking successful results; it is what is HAPPENING INTERNALLY that is prohibiting beneficial results.  

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services are for the purpose of assisting you to achieve desired results , to be a guide in moving forward in achieving beneficial experiences.

A consultation with Nicole is suggested to assist you in order to tailor & customize products & services to your needs and/or what is a requirement for your internal environment.

Consultations are 33$ per 30 minutes.