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CoCo  Mud

All Natural Shower Exfoliant & Moisturizer

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

Disclaimer: Mystic Moon & Sunflowers, does not advise, hold claim, or suggest that any of its products or services replace or be used in replacement of professional medical advice, practices, prescribed medications or health services implemented by a profession and certified medical doctor. Mystic Moon & Sunflowers or owner and operator is not responsible for allergic or personal reactions obtained or not obtained within the use of any products or services provided to individuals. Copyright © 2018 Mystic Moon & Sunflowers - All Rights Reserved.

Meditation, Channeling and the World of Energy Alchemy

Podcast with Dr. Wendy Perrell interviewing and discussing Meditation Channeling and Energy Alchemy with Nicole Anne.

Testimony's & Referrals


"Nicole is one who possesses deep insight into a mystical realm with the ability to show you doors leading to lessons and pathways of higher vibrations and joy.  May you be blessed with this loving knowledgeable teacher.  Thank you for all your wisdom & guidance.  Thank you for edifying me within the LIGHT"

-Tina M 


"I am happy that Nicole & I came across each other.  Nicole helped me to see the cause of an ailment that I couldn't see on my own.  She spent time connecting & channeling Spirit to provide messages I was inquiring about.  Quite an eye opener.  Nicole is sweet & to the point revealing, speaking, & sharing TRUTH"

-H & S


"Nicole is an amazing healer & guide.  She knew things that she had no way of knowing & intuitively presented this TRUTH without filters.  She is deeply invested in those she is called to help.  Her heart is wide open & is as wise as she is filled with love.  If you need an earth angel to help you on your journey, you have just found one. 

Nicole performed a Magic Candle Manifestation for me, it all came into fruition within 2 weeks.


-Michael L

Testimony 2/12/19

"your words - wisdom - magic stirred up and inspired so much within me, I felt a piece of my SOUL come home to me during the reading.  Thank you soooo much!"

- Chelsea

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers


Results may vary from individual to individual with no guarantees provided by or within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products or services. It is the SOUL responsibility of the individual to achieve or obtain desired results within their own practices - experience - skills & knowledges to receive beneficial results that are meant for them to receive within the use of Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services. It is nothing external of you that is blocking successful results; it is what is HAPPENING INTERNALLY that is prohibiting beneficial results.  

Mystic Moon & Sunflowers products & services are for the purpose of assisting you to achieve desired results , to be a guide in moving forward in achieving beneficial experiences.

A consultation with Nicole is suggested to assist you in order to tailor & customize products & services to your needs and/or what is a requirement for your internal environment.

Consultations are 33$ per 30 minutes.